SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL Sec. 5501. Temporary appointments in case of vacancies or incapacity of House officers; compensation. 5502. House emergency operations positions. 5503. Actions against officers for official acts. 5504. Officers of Senate. 5505. Payments from applicable accounts of House of Representatives. 5506. Appropriations for expenses of House; restrictions. 5507. Transfers of amounts appropriated for House. 5508. Account in House of Representatives for Employees’ Compensation Fund. 5509. Incidental use of equipment and supplies. SUBCHAPTER II—CHAPLAIN 5521. Compensation of Chaplain of House. SUBCHAPTER III—CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER 5531. Program to increase employment opportunities in House of Representatives for individuals with disabilities. 5532. Advance payments. 5533. House of Representatives Revolving Fund. 5534. House revolving fund for stationery allowances; disposition of moneys from stationery sales; availability of unexpended balances. 5535. Report of disbursements for House of Representatives. 5536. Office equipment for House Members, officers, and committees. 5537. Net Expenses of Equipment Revolving Fund. 5538. Net Expenses of Telecommunications Revolving Fund. 5539. Commissions and charges for public telephone or telecommunications services; deposit of receipts. 5540. Disposal of used or surplus furniture and equipment by Chief Administrative Officer of House; procedure; deposit of receipts. 5541. Fees for internal delivery in House of Representatives of nonpostage mail from outside sources. 5542. Regulations for safe handling of mail matter. 5543. Rebates under Government Travel Charge Card Program. 5544. Deposit of House Information Resources reimbursements for services. 5545. House Services Revolving Fund. 5546. Support services for House during emergency; memorandum of understanding with an executive agency. 5547. Emergency expenditures for meals, refreshments, and other support and maintenance. SUBCHAPTER IV—CLERK 5561. Reporters for House of Representatives. 5562. Preservation of reports, statements, or documents filed with Clerk of House. 5563. Index to House daily calendar. SUBCHAPTER V—GENERAL COUNSEL 5571. Office of General Counsel of House; administrative provisions. SUBCHAPTER VI—INTERPARLIAMENTARY AFFAIRS 5581. Participation by House in interparliamentary institutions; reception of members of foreign legislative bodies and foreign officials; meetings with Government officials. 5582. Office of Interparliamentary Affairs. SUBCHAPTER VII—MEDIA SERVICES 5591. Media support services. SUBCHAPTER VIII—SERGEANT AT ARMS 5601. Sergeant at Arms of House; additional compensation. 5602. Tenure of office of Sergeant at Arms. 5603. Symbol of office of Sergeant at Arms. 5604. Duties of Sergeant at Arms. 5605. Law enforcement authority of Sergeant at Arms. 5606. Arrangements for attendance at funeral of deceased House Members; payment of funeral expenses and expenses of attending funeral rites. SUBCHAPTER IX—CORRECTIONS CALENDAR OFFICE 5621. Corrections Calendar Office. 5622. Lump sum allowance for Corrections Calendar Office. 5623. Effective date. 5624. Transfer of positions in Corrections Calendar Office.


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