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2 U.S. Code Subchapter I - GENERAL

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  1. § 6501. Appointment of consultants by Majority Leader, Minority Leader, Secretary of Senate, and Legislative Counsel of Senate; compensation
  2. § 6502. Procurement of temporary help
  3. § 6503. Payments from Senate contingent fund
  4. § 6504. Committee on Rules and Administration; designation of employees to approve vouchers for payments from Senate contingent fund
  5. § 6505. Appropriations for contingent expenses of Senate; restrictions
  6. § 6506. Separate accounts for “Secretary of the Senate” and for “Sergeant at Arms and Doorkeeper of the Senate”; establishment within Senate contingent fund; inclusion of funds in existing accounts
  7. § 6507. Insurance of office funds of Secretary of Senate and Sergeant at Arms; payment of premiums
  8. § 6508. Transfers from appropriations account for expenses of Office of Secretary of Senate and Office of Sergeant at Arms and Doorkeeper of Senate
  9. § 6509. Vouchering Senate office charges
  10. § 6510. Materials, supplies, and fuel payments from Senate contingent fund
  11. § 6511. Liquidation from appropriations of any unpaid obligations chargeable to rescinded unexpended balances of funds
  12. § 6512. Expense allowance for Secretary of Senate, Sergeant at Arms and Doorkeeper of Senate, and Secretaries for Senate Majority and Minority
  13. § 6513. Per diem and subsistence expenses from Senate contingent fund
  14. § 6514. Orientation seminars, etc., for new Senators, Senate officials, or members of staffs of Senators or Senate officials; payment of expenses
  15. § 6515. Payment of fees for services of Attending Physician and for use of Senate health and fitness facilities
  16. § 6516. Sale of waste paper and condemned furniture
  17. § 6517. Receipts from sale of used or surplus furniture and furnishings of Senate
  18. § 6518. Workers compensation payments
  19. § 6519. McCain-Mansfield and SFC Sean Cooley and SPC Christopher Horton Congressional Gold Star Family Fellowships Programs