20 U.S. Code § 1011g - Application of peer review process

All applications submitted under the provisions of this chapter which require peer review shall be read by a panel of readers composed of individuals selected by the Secretary, which shall include outside readers who are not employees of the Federal Government. The Secretary shall ensure that no individual assigned under this section to review any application has any conflict of interest with regard to that application which might impair the impartiality with which that individual conducts the review under this section.

Editorial Notes
Prior Provisions

Provisions similar to this section were contained in section 1145d–1 of this title prior to repeal by Pub. L. 105–244.

A prior section 1011g, Pub. L. 89–329, title I, § 128, as added Pub. L. 102–325, title I, § 101, July 23, 1992, 106 Stat. 464, related to reports and evaluation of programs, prior to the general amendment of this subchapter by Pub. L. 105–244.

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