20 U.S. Code § 4413 - Executive Board

(a) CompositionThe Board shall have an Executive Board composed of—
the chairman of the Board;
the vice chairman of the Board;
the secretary of the Board;
the treasurer of the Board; and
an at-large member of the Board elected by the Board at its initial meeting.
(b) Vacancies

In the case of any vacancy which occurs in the position of at-large member before the expiration of such member’s term, the Board shall elect a replacement to complete that term.

(c) Meetings

The Executive Board shall hold not more than 4 regular meetings per calendar year. Special meetings may be held upon the call of the chairman or 3 members of the Executive Board.

(d) Quorum

A majority of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.

(e) Powers

The Executive Board may hold and use all the powers of the Board, subject to the approval of the Board.

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