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20 U.S. Code § 80t - Findings

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Congress finds the following:
Since its founding, the United States has greatly benefitted from the contributions of women.
(2) Historical accounts, monuments, memorials, and museums disproportionately represent men’s achievements and contributions and often neglect those of women. For example—
a study of 18 United States history textbooks concluded that 10 percent of the material documented contributions of women;
9 statues out of 91 in the United States Capitol’s National Statuary Hall depict women; and
only one of the 44 monuments operated by the National Park Service specifically honors the achievements of women after the 2016 designation of the Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument.
There exists no national museum in the United States that is devoted to the documentation of women’s contributions throughout the Nation’s history.
On December 19, 2014, Congress created a Congressional Commission to study the potential for an American museum of women’s history. The bipartisan Commission unanimously concluded that the United States needs and deserves a physical national museum dedicated to showcasing the historical experiences and impact of women in the United States.
A comprehensive women’s history museum would document the full spectrum of the experiences of women in the United States, represent a diverse range of viewpoints, experiences, and backgrounds, more accurately depict the history of the United States, and add value to the Smithsonian Institution.
The collections, exhibits, historical narrative materials, and museum programming of the women’s history museum should be inclusive, comprehensive, and innovative. Such collections, exhibits, materials, and programming should present the diverse range of experiences and viewpoints of all women in the United States, reflecting upon the things that set women apart from one another while also highlighting the experiences that many of these women share.
Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Short Title

Pub. L. 116–260, div. T, title I, § 101, Dec. 27, 2020, 134 Stat. 2272, provided that:

“This title [enacting this subchapter] may be cited as the ‘Smithsonian American Women’s History Museum Act’.”