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20 U.S. Code § 9413 - Local administration

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(a) Local Council
(1) In generalTo be eligible to receive funds under this chapter, a local government entity, Indian tribe, Regional Corporation, or Native Hawaiian entity, as appropriate, shall establish or designate a Local Council, which shall be composed of—
representatives of local agencies directly affected by early learning programs assisted under this chapter;
other individuals concerned with early learning issues in the locality, such as representative entities providing elementary education, child care resource and referral services, early learning opportunities, child care, and health services; and
other key community leaders.
(2) Designating existing entity

If a local government entity, Indian tribe, Regional Corporation, or Native Hawaiian entity has, before December 21, 2000, a Local Council or a regional entity that is comparable to the Local Council described in paragraph (1), the entity, tribe, or corporation may designate the council or entity as a Local Council under this chapter, and shall be considered to have established a Local Council in compliance with this subsection.

(3) Functions

The Local Council shall be responsible for preparing and submitting the application described in section 9412 of this title.

(b) Administration
(1) Administrative costs

Not more than 3 percent of the funds received by a Local Council under this chapter shall be used to pay for the administrative costs of the Local Council in carrying out this chapter.

(2) Fiscal agent

A Local Council may designate any entity, with a demonstrated capacity for administering grants, that is affected by, or concerned with, early learning issues, including the State, to serve as fiscal agent for the administration of grant funds received by the Local Council under this chapter.