21 U.S. Code § 2013 - NMIC requirements and review

(a) In general

The NMIC shall promote sharing information regarding successful law enforcement, treatment, environmental, prevention, social services, and other programs related to the production, use, or effects of methamphetamine and grants available for such programs.

(b) ComponentsThe NMIC shall include—
a toll-free number; and
(2) a website that provides a searchable database, which—
provides information on the short-term and long-term effects of methamphetamine use;
provides information regarding methamphetamine treatment and prevention programs and strategies and programs for drug endangered children, including descriptions of successful programs and strategies and contact information for such programs and strategies;
provides information regarding grants for methamphetamine-related programs, including contact information and links to websites;
allows a qualified entity to submit items to be posted on the website regarding successful public or private programs or other useful information related to the production, use, or effects of methamphetamine;
includes a restricted section that may only be accessed by a law enforcement organization that contains successful strategies, training techniques, and other information that the Council determines helpful to law enforcement agency efforts to identify or combat the production, use, or effects of methamphetamine;
allows public access to all information not in a restricted section; and
contains any additional information the Council determines may be useful in identifying or combating the production, use, or effects of methamphetamine.
Thirty days after the website in paragraph (2) is operational, no funds shall be expended to continue the website methresources.gov.
(c) Review of posted information
(1) In generalNot later than 30 days after the date of submission of an item by a qualified entity, the Council shall review an item submitted for posting on the website described in subsection (b)(2)—
to evaluate and determine whether the item, as submitted or as modified, meets the requirements for posting; and
in consultation with the Attorney General, to determine whether the item should be posted in a restricted section of the website.
(2) DeterminationNot later than 45 days after the date of submission of an item, the Council shall—
post the item on the website described in subsection (b)(2); or
notify the qualified entity that submitted the item regarding the reason such item shall not be posted and modifications, if any, that the qualified entity may make to allow the item to be posted.

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