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This subchapter is chapter 2 of subtitle A of title I of Pub. L. 100–690. Section 1009 of Pub. L. 100–690 [former 21 U.S.C. 1506] repealed subtitle A effective Sept. 30, 1997. However, that repeal was not executed to this subchapter because of Pub. L. 105–20, § 2(a)(1), (b), which not only designated subtitle A as chapter 1 of subtitle A, but also provided that any existing reference to subtitle A was to be deemed to be a reference to chapter 1 of subtitle A (see note set out under former section 1501 of this title). Based on that provision, the repeal was executed in the Code only to subchapter I of this chapter, which comprises chapter 1 of subtitle A, and not to this subchapter, which comprises chapter 2. Nevertheless, Pub. L. 115–271, title VIII, § 8203(a)(1), (2), Oct. 24, 2018, 132 Stat. 4110 (set out as a note under section 1521 of this title), directed the revival and restoration of chapter 2 (this subchapter), except for subchapter II thereof (part B of this subchapter), as in effect on Sept. 29, 1997, and as amended by Pub. L. 107–82 and Pub. L. 109–469.