22 U.S. Code § 1937. Irish counterpart account; approval of disposition

Pursuant to section 1513(b)(6)[1] of this title, the disposition within Ireland of the unencumbered balance, in the amount of approximately 6,000,000 Irish pounds, of the special account of Irish funds established under article IV of the Economic Cooperation Agreement between the United States of America and Ireland, dated June 28, 1948, for the purposes of—
scholarship exchange between the United States and Ireland;
other programs and projects (including the establishment of an Agricultural Institute) to improve and develop the agricultural production and marketing potential of Ireland and to increase the production and efficiency of Irish industry; and
development programs and projects in aid of the foregoing objectives,
is approved, as provided in the agreement between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of Ireland, dated June 17, 1954.
(Aug. 26, 1954, ch. 937, ch. II, § 417, 68 Stat. 849.)
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Section 1513(b)(6) of this title, referred to in text, was repealed by section 542(a)(4) of act Aug. 26, 1954.

[1]  See References in Text note below.