22 U.S. Code § 2152e - Program to improve building construction and practices in Latin American countries

(a) In general

The President, acting through the Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development, is authorized, under such terms and conditions as the President may determine, to carry out a program to improve building construction codes and practices in Ecuador, El Salvador, and other Latin American countries (in this section referred to as the “program”).

(b) Program description
(1) In generalThe program shall be in the form of grants to, or contracts with, organizations described in paragraph (2) to support the following activities:
(A) Training

Training of appropriate professionals in Latin America from both the public and private sectors to enhance their understanding of building and housing codes and standards.

(B) Translation and distribution

Translating and distributing in the region detailed construction manuals, model building codes, and publications from organizations described in paragraph (2), including materials that address zoning, egress, fire and life safety, plumbing, sewage, sanitation, electrical installation, mechanical installation, structural engineering, and seismic design.

(C) Other assistance

Offering other relevant assistance as needed, such as helping government officials develop seismic micro-zonation maps or draft pertinent legislation, to implement building codes and practices that will help improve the resistance of buildings and housing in the region to seismic activity and other natural disasters.

(2) Covered organizations

Grants and contracts provided under this section shall be carried out through United States organizations with expertise in the areas described in paragraph (1), including the American Society of Testing Materials, the Underwriters Laboratories, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers, the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, the International Code Council, and the National Fire Protection Association.


Section was enacted as part of the Department of State Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 2003, and also as part of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 2003, and not as part of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 which comprises this chapter.