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22 U.S. Code § 2656i - Counterdrug and anticrime activities of Department of State

(a) Counterdrug and law enforcement strategy
(1) Requirement

Not later than 180 days after October 21, 1998, the Secretary of State shall establish, implement, and submit to Congress a comprehensive, long-term strategy to carry out the counterdrug responsibilities of the Department of State in a manner consistent with the National Drug Control Strategy. The strategy shall involve all elements of the Department in the United States and abroad.

(2) ObjectivesIn establishing the strategy, the Secretary shall—
coordinate with the Office of National Drug Control Policy in the development of clear, specific, and measurable counterdrug objectives for the Department that support the goals and objectives of the National Drug Control Strategy;
develop specific and, to the maximum extent practicable, quantifiable measures of performance relating to the objectives, including annual and long-term measures of performance, for purposes of assessing the success of the Department in meeting the objectives;
assign responsibilities for meeting the objectives to appropriate elements of the Department;
develop an operational structure within the Department that minimizes impediments to meeting the objectives;
ensure that every United States ambassador or chief of mission is fully briefed on the strategy, and works to achieve the objectives; and
(F) ensure that—
all budgetary requests and transfers of equipment (including the financing of foreign military sales and the transfer of excess defense articles) relating to international counterdrug efforts conforms with the objectives; and
the recommendations of the Department regarding certification determinations made by the President on March 1 as to the counterdrug cooperation, or adequate steps on its own, of each major illicit drug producing and drug trafficking country to achieve full compliance with the goals and objectives established by the United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances also conform to meet such objectives.
(3) ReportsNot later than February 15 of each year subsequent to the submission of the strategy described in paragraph (1), the Secretary shall submit to Congress an update of the strategy. The update shall include—
an outline of the proposed activities with respect to the strategy during the succeeding year, including the manner in which such activities will meet the objectives set forth in paragraph (2); and
detailed information on how certification determinations described in paragraph (2)(F) made the previous year affected achievement of the objectives set forth in paragraph (2) for the previous calendar year.
(4) Limitation on delegation

The Secretary shall designate an official in the Department who reports directly to the Secretary to oversee the implementation of the strategy throughout the Department.

(b) Information on international criminals
(1) Information system

The Secretary shall, in consultation with the heads of appropriate United States law enforcement agencies, including the Attorney General and the Secretary of the Treasury, take appropriate actions to establish an information system or improve existing information systems containing comprehensive information on serious crimes committed by foreign nationals. The information system shall be available to United States embassies and missions abroad for use in consideration of applications for visas for entry into the United States.

(2) Report

Not later than 180 days after October 21, 1998, the Secretary shall submit to the appropriate congressional committees a report on the actions taken under paragraph (1).

(c) Overseas coordination of counterdrug and anticrime programs, policy, and assistance
(1) Strengthening coordination

The responsibilities of every diplomatic mission of the United States shall include the strengthening of cooperation between and among the United States and foreign governmental entities and multilateral entities with respect to activities relating to international narcotics and crime.

(2) Designation of officers
(A) In general

Consistent with existing memoranda of understanding between the Department of State and other departments and agencies of the United States, including the Department of Justice, the chief of mission of every diplomatic mission of the United States shall designate an officer or officers within the mission to carry out the responsibility of the mission under paragraph (1), including the coordination of counterdrug, law enforcement, rule of law, and administration of justice programs, policy, and assistance. Such officer or officers shall report to the chief of mission, or the designee of the chief of mission, on a regular basis regarding activities undertaken in carrying out such responsibility.

(B) Reports

The chief of mission of every diplomatic mission of the United States shall submit to the Secretary on a regular basis a report on the actions undertaken by the mission to carry out such responsibility.

(3) Report to Congress

Not later than 180 days after October 21, 1998, the Secretary shall submit to the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate and the Committee on International Relations of the House of Representatives a report on the status of any proposals for action or on action undertaken to improve staffing and personnel management at diplomatic missions of the United States in order to carry out the responsibility set forth in paragraph (1).

(Pub. L. 105–277, div. G, subdiv. B, title XXII, § 2214, Oct. 21, 1998, 112 Stat. 2681–812.)
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Change of Name

Committee on International Relations of House of Representatives changed to Committee on Foreign Affairs of House of Representatives by House Resolution No. 6, One Hundred Tenth Congress, Jan. 5, 2007.