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22 U.S. Code § 2656k - Human rights awareness for American athletic delegations

(a) Sense of Congress

It is the sense of Congress that individuals representing the United States at international athletic competitions in foreign countries should have the opportunity to be informed about human rights and security concerns in such countries and how best to safeguard their personal security and privacy.

(b) In general
(1) In general

Not later than 120 days after December 27, 2021, the Secretary of State shall devise and implement a strategy for disseminating briefing materials, including information described in subsection (c), to individuals representing the United States at international athletic competitions in a covered country.

(2) Timing and form of materials
(A) In general

The briefing materials referred to in paragraph (1) shall be offered not later than 180 days prior to the commencement of an international athletic competition in a covered country.

(B) Form of delivery

Briefing materials related to the human rights record of covered countries may be delivered electronically or disseminated in person, as appropriate.

(C) Special consideration

Information briefing materials related to personal security risks may be offered electronically, in written format, by video teleconference, or prerecorded video.

(3) ConsultationsIn devising and implementing the strategy required under paragraph (1), the Secretary of State shall consult with the following:
The Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Foreign Relations in the Senate, not later than 90 days after December 27, 2021.
Leading human rights nongovernmental organizations and relevant subject-matter experts in determining the content of the briefings required under this subsection.
The United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee and the national governing bodies of amateur sports that play a role in determining which individuals represent the United States in international athletic competitions, regarding the most appropriate and effective method to disseminate briefing materials.
(c) Content of briefingsThe briefing materials required under subsection (b) shall include, with respect to a covered country hosting an international athletic competition in which individuals may represent the United States, the following:
Information on the human rights concerns present in such covered country, as described in the Department of State’s Annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices.
Information, as applicable, on risks such individuals may face to their personal and digital privacy and security, and recommended measures to safeguard against certain forms of foreign intelligence targeting, as appropriate.
(d) Covered country definedIn this section, the term “covered country” means, with respect to a country hosting an international athletic competition in which individuals representing the United States may participate, any of the following:
Any Communist country specified in subsection (f) of section 2370 of this title.
Any country ranked as a Tier 3 country in the most recent Department of State’s annual Trafficking in Persons Report.
Any other country the Secretary of State determines presents serious human rights concerns for the purpose of informing such individuals.
Any country the Secretary of State, in consultation with other cabinet officials as appropriate, determines presents a serious counterintelligence risk.