22 U.S. Code § 2734c - Employee assignment restrictions

(a) Appeal of assignment restriction

The Secretary shall establish a right and process for employees to appeal any assignment restriction or preclusion.

(b) CertificationUpon full implementation of a right and process for employees to appeal an assignment restriction or preclusion under subsection (a), the Secretary shall submit to the appropriate congressional committee [1] a report that—
certifies that such process has been fully implemented;
includes a detailed description of such process; and
details the number and nature of assignment restrictions and preclusions for the previous 3 years.
(c) NoticeThe Secretary shall—
publish in the Foreign Affairs Manual information relating to the right and process established pursuant to subsection (a); and
include a reference to such publication in the report required under subsection (b).

[1]  So in original. Probably should be “committees”.
Editorial Notes

Section is comprised of section 414 of Pub. L. 114–323. Subsec. (d) of section 414 of Pub. L. 114–323 amended section 3982 of this title.

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries

For definitions of “Secretary” and “appropriate congressional committee[s]” as used in this section, see section 2 of Pub. L. 114–323, set out as a note under section 2651 of this title.