22 U.S. Code § 283z–4. Amendments to Articles of Agreement in resolution on Merger of Interregional and Ordinary Capital Resources

The United States Governor of the Inter-American Development Bank is hereby authorized to agree to and to accept the amendments to the Articles of Agreement in the proposed resolution entitled “Merger of Inter-regional and Ordinary Capital Resources”.

(Pub. L. 86–147, § 32, as added Pub. L. 100–202, § 101(e) [title I], Dec. 22, 1987, 101 Stat. 1329–131, 1329–134.)

Section 32 of Pub. L. 86–147 is based on section 501 of title V of H.R. 3750, One Hundredth Congress, as introduced Dec. 11, 1987, and enacted into law by Pub. L. 100–202.