22 U.S. Code § 286y. Promoting conditions for exchange rate stability

(a) In order to help assure that the resources provided under section 286e–1i of this title are used to support pro-growth policies which will help establish the economic conditions necessary for more appropriate financial and exchange rate alignment and stability, it is the sense of Congress that the Secretary of the Treasury shall—
in consultation with the Secretary of State and the United States Trade Representative, initiate discussions with other countries regarding the economic dislocations which result from structural exchange rate imbalances; and
instruct the United States Executive Director of the Fund to work for adoption of policies in the Fund, both within the framework of article IV (of the Articles of Agreement of the Fund) consultations and with respect to the conditions associated with Fund-supported balance of payments adjustments programs, which promote conditions contributing to the stability of exchange rates and avoid the manipulation of exchange rates between major currencies. Among other initiatives, the Secretary of the Treasury shall propose strengthening the article IV consultation procedures of the Fund to attempt to ensure that countries which are artificially maintaining undervalued or overvalued rates of exchange agree to adopt market determined exchange rates.
In determining his vote on extensions of assistance to any Fund borrower, the United States Executive Director of the Fund shall take into account whether such borrower’s policies are consistent with the requirements of article IV of the Articles of Agreement of the Fund.
(July 31, 1945, ch. 339, § 40, as added Pub. L. 98–181, title I [title VIII, § 801], Nov. 30, 1983, 97 Stat. 1267.)