22 U.S. Code § 290h–2 - Congressional declaration of purposes

(a) Purposes of FoundationIn order to enable the people of African countries to develop their potential, fulfill their aspirations, and enjoy better, more productive lives, the purposes of the Foundation shall be—
to strengthen the bonds of friendship and understanding between the people of Africa and the United States;
to support self-help activities at the local level designed to enlarge opportunities for community development;
to stimulate and assist effective and expanding participation of Africans in their development process; and
to encourage the establishment and growth of development institutions which are indigenous to particular countries in Africa and which can respond to the requirements of the poor in those countries.
(b) Implementation

The Foundation shall carry out the purposes specified in subsection (a) in cooperation with, and in response to, organizations indigenous to Africa which are representative of the needs and aspirations of the poor in Africa and, in carrying out such purposes, the Foundation shall, to the extent possible, coordinate its development assistance activities with the activities of the United States Government and private, regional, and international organizations.