22 U.S. Code § 3107 - Consultations; creation of independent public advisory committees

Officials performing functions pursuant to this chapter shall secure balanced, diverse, and responsible views from qualified persons representing business, organized labor, and the academic community and may, where appropriate, create such independent public advisory committees as are necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter.

Editorial Notes

1981—Pub. L. 97–33 struck out designation “(a)” before “Officials performing functions” and struck out subsec. (b) which provided that the President review the results of studies and surveys conducted pursuant to this chapter and report annually to the Committee on International Relations [Foreign Affairs] of the House of Representatives and the appropriate committees of the Senate on any trends or developments which might have had national policy implications and which in the President’s opinion warranted the review of the respective committees.

1978—Subsec. (b). Pub. L. 95–381 substituted references to President, for references to Council on International Economic Policy.

Executive Documents
Executive Order No. 11962

Ex. Ord. No. 11962, Jan. 19, 1977, 42 F.R. 4323, which established the President’s Advisory Board on International Investment, was revoked by Ex. Ord. No. 12007, Aug. 22, 1977, 42 F.R. 42839, formerly set out as a note under section 14 of Appendix of Title 5, Government Organization and Employees.