22 U.S. Code § 4027 - Visiting Scholars Program

(a) Establishment of program

There is authorized to be established at the institution a program whereby selected scholars would participate fully in the educational and training activities of the institution. This program may be referred to as the “Visiting Scholars Program”.

(b) Selection and appointment of scholars
Scholars participating in the Visiting Scholars Program shall be selected by a five-member board described in subsection (c).
Each visiting scholar shall serve a term of one year, except that such term may be extended for one additional one-year period.
(c) Establishment of selection board

The board referred to in subsection (b) shall be composed of the Director of the institution, who shall serve as chairperson, and four other members appointed by the Secretary of State.

Editorial Notes

1994—Subsecs. (a), (c). Pub. L. 103–236 substituted “institution” for “Foreign Service Institute” and “Institute” in subsec. (a) and “institution” for “Foreign Service Institute” in subsec. (c).

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