22 U.S. Code § 5473 - Report on environmental problems in Poland and Hungary

The first report submitted pursuant to section 5474 of this title shall include the following:
(1) Assessment of problemsAn overall assessment of the environmental problems facing Poland and Hungary, including—
a relative ranking of the severity of the problems and their effects on both human health and the general environment;
a listing of the geographical areas of each country that have suffered the heaviest environmental damage, and a description of the source and scope of the damage; and
an assessment of the environmental performance of leading industrial polluters in those countries and the expected effect on pollution levels of industrial modernization.
(2) Priorities and costs for action

An analysis of the priorities that Poland and Hungary should each assign in addressing its environmental problems, and an estimate of the capital and human resources required to undertake a comprehensive program of environmental protection in that country.

(3) Role of United States and multilateral assistanceA statement of strategy for United States assistance for the next 5 years to address environmental problems in Poland and Hungary, including—
recommendations for appropriate levels and forms of bilateral financial and technical assistance;
recommendations concerning United States participation in cooperative multilateral undertakings;
an assessment of the feasibility of debt-for-nature swaps as a technique of environmental protection in each country; and
recommendations for minimizing further environmental damage to Krakow, and for the protection and restoration of historic sites in that city.