22 U.S. Code § 5873. Report to Congress

Within one year after October 24, 1992, the President shall submit to the designated congressional committees a report describing—
the opportunities for increased space-related trade with the independent states of the former Soviet Union;
a technology procurement plan for identifying and evaluating all unique space hardware, space technology, and space services available to the United States from the independent states;
specific space hardware, space technology, and space services that have been, or could be, the subject of discussions described in section 5871(c) of this title;
the trade missions carried out pursuant to section 5872(a) of this title, including the private participation in and the results of such missions;
any barriers, regulatory or practical, that inhibit space-related trade between the United States and independent states, including any such barriers in either the United States or the independent states; and
any anticompetitive issues raised during the course of negotiations, as observed pursuant to section 5872(b) of this title.