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22 U.S. Code § 6031 - Statement of policy

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It is the sense of the Congress that—
the acts of the Castro government, including its massive, systematic, and extraordinary violations of human rights, are a threat to international peace;
the President should advocate, and should instruct the United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations to propose and seek within the Security Council, a mandatory international embargo against the totalitarian Cuban Government pursuant to chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, employing efforts similar to consultations conducted by United States representatives with respect to Haiti;
any resumption of efforts by any independent state of the former Soviet Union to make operational any nuclear facilities in Cuba, and any continuation of intelligence activities by such a state from Cuba that are targeted at the United States and its citizens will have a detrimental impact on United States assistance to such state; and
(4) in view of the threat to the national security posed by the operation of any nuclear facility, and the Castro government’s continuing blackmail to unleash another wave of Cuban refugees fleeing from Castro’s oppression, most of whom find their way to United States shores, further depleting limited humanitarian and other resources of the United States, the President should do all in his power to make it clear to the Cuban Government that—
the completion and operation of any nuclear power facility, or
any further political manipulation of the desire of Cubans to escape that results in mass migration to the United States,
will be considered an act of aggression which will be met with an appropriate response in order to maintain the security of the national borders of the United States and the health and safety of the American people.