22 U.S. Code § 9242 - Report on North Korean prison camps

(a) In generalThe Secretary of State shall submit to the appropriate congressional committees a report that describes, with respect to each political prison camp in North Korea, to the extent information is available—
the camp’s estimated prisoner population;
the camp’s geographical coordinates;
the reasons for the confinement of the prisoners;
the camp’s primary industries and products, and the end users of any goods produced in the camp;
the individuals and agencies responsible for conditions in the camp;
the conditions under which prisoners are confined, with respect to the adequacy of food, shelter, medical care, working conditions, and reports of ill-treatment of prisoners; and
imagery, to include satellite imagery of the camp, in a format that, if published, would not compromise the sources and methods used by the United States intelligence community to capture geospatial imagery.
(b) Form

The report required under subsection (a) may be included in the first human rights report required to be submitted to Congress after February 18, 2016, under sections 2151n(d) and 2304(b) of this title.

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