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  1. § 287. Representation in Organization
  2. § 287a. Action by representatives in accordance with Presidential instructions; voting
  3. § 287b. Reports to Congress by President
  4. § 287b–1. Additional report on other United States contributions to the United Nations
  5. § 287c. Economic and communication sanctions pursuant to United Nations Security Council Resolution
  6. § 287d. Use of armed forces; limitations
  7. § 287d–1. Noncombatant assistance to United Nations
  8. § 287e. Authorization of appropriations; payment of expenses
  9. § 287e–1. Housing supplement for certain employees assigned to the United States Mission to the United Nations
  10. § 287e–2. Reimbursement for goods and services provided by the United States to the United Nations
  11. § 287e–3. Limitation on the United States share of assessments for United Nations regular budget
  12. § 287e–4. Limitation on United States contributions to peacekeeping operations not authorized by the United Nations Security Council
  13. § 287f. Omitted
  14. § 287g. Authorization of appropriations for loan to United Nations; restrictions on use of proceeds of loan
  15. § 287h. Limitation on loan
  16. § 287i. Deduction of principal and interest from annual payment of assessed share of United States of budget
  17. § 287j. Participation in future United Nations borrowing; promotion of pattern of financing to avoid future large-scale deficits; report to Congress
  18. § 287k. Congressional expression of satisfaction that expenditures relating to operations in Middle East and in the Congo are “expenses of the Organization”
  19. § 287l. Congressional declaration that United Nations take steps to give effect to advisory opinion of International Court of Justice on financial obligations of members