24 U.S. Code § 416a. Resident Advisory Committees

(a) Establishment and purpose
A Resident Advisory Committee is an elected body of residents at each facility of the Retirement Home established to provide a forum for all residents to express their needs, ideas, and interests through elected representatives of their respective floor or area.
(2) A Resident Advisory Committee
serves as a forum for ideas, recommendations, and representation to management of that facility of the Retirement Home to enhance the morale, safety, health, and well-being of residents; and
provides a means to communicate policy and general information between residents and management.
(b) Election process

The election process for the Resident Advisory Committee at a facility of the Retirement Home shall be coordinated by the facility Ombudsman.

(c) Chairperson
The Chairperson of a Resident Advisory Committee shall be elected at large and serve a two-year term.
Chairpersons serve as a liaison to the Administrator and are voting members of the Advisory Council. Chairpersons shall create meeting agendas, conduct the meetings, and provide a copy of the minutes to the Administrator, who will forward the copy to the Chief Operating Officer for approval.
(d) Meetings

At a minimum, meetings of a Resident Advisory Committee shall be conducted quarterly.