25 U.S. Code § 1341 - Authorization of Secretary

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(a) Revision of document on “Indian Affairs, Laws and Treaties” and treatise on “Federal Indian Laws”; compilation of official opinions; printing and republicationIn order that the constitutional rights of Indians might be fully protected, the Secretary of the Interior is authorized and directed to—
have the document entitled “Indian Affairs, Laws and Treaties” (Senate Document Numbered 319, volumes 1 and 2, Fifty-eighth Congress), revised and extended to include all treaties, laws, Executive orders, and regulations relating to Indian affairs in force on September 1, 1967, and to have such revised document printed at the Government Publishing Office;
have revised and republished the treatise entitled “Federal Indian Law”; and
have prepared, to the extent determined by the Secretary of the Interior to be feasible, an accurate compilation of the official opinions, published and unpublished, of the Solicitor of the Department of the Interior relating to Indian affairs rendered by the Solicitor prior to September 1, 1967, and to have such compilation printed as a Government publication at the Government Publishing Office.
(b) Current services

With respect to the document entitled “Indian Affairs, Laws and Treaties” as revised and extended in accordance with paragraph (1) of subsection (a), and the compilation prepared in accordance with paragraph (3) of such subsection, the Secretary of the Interior shall take such action as may be necessary to keep such document and compilation current on an annual basis.

(c) Authorization of appropriations

There is authorized to be appropriated for carrying out the provisions of this subchapter such sum as may be necessary.

(Pub. L. 90–284, title VII, § 701, Apr. 11, 1968, 82 Stat. 80; Pub. L. 93–265, Apr. 12, 1974, 88 Stat. 84; Pub. L. 113–235, div. H, title I, § 1301(b), Dec. 16, 2014, 128 Stat. 2537.)

1974—Subsec. (c). Pub. L. 93–265 struck out “, with respect to the preparation but not including printing,” before “such sum”.

Change of Name

“Government Publishing Office” substituted for “Government Printing Office” in subsec. (a)(1), (3) on authority of section 1301(b) of Pub. L. 113–235, set out as a note preceding section 301 of Title 44, Public Printing and Documents.