25 U.S. Code § 340 - Extension of certain provisions

The provisions of the Act of February 8, 1887, are declared to extend to and are made applicable to the Confederated Wea, Peoria, Kaskaskia, and Piankeshaw tribes of Indians, and the Western Miami tribe of Indians, located in the northeastern part of the former Indian Territory and to their reservation, in the same manner and to the same extent as if said tribes had not been excepted from the provisions of said act, except as to section 349 of this title, and as otherwise hereinafter provided.

(Mar. 2, 1889, ch. 422, § 1, 25 Stat. 1013.)
Editorial Notes
References in Text

Act of February 8, 1887, referred to in text, was in the original “chapter One hundred and Nineteen of the acts of eighteen hundred and eighty seven, entitled ‘An act to provide for the allotment of lands in severalty to Indians on the various reservations, and to extend the protection of the laws of the United States and the Territories over the Indians, and for other purposes,’ ”. The Act appears in 24 Stat. 388, and is popularly known as the Indian General Allotment Act. For classification of this Act to the Code, see Short Title note set out under section 331 of this title and Tables.

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