25 U.S. Code § 564l - Klamath irrigation works

§ 564l.
Klamath irrigation works
(a) Transfer of operation and maintenance

That part of section 499 of title 43, which relates to the transfer of the care, operation, and maintenance of reclamation works to water users associations or irrigation districts shall be applicable to the irrigation works on the Klamath Reservation.

(b) Termination of construction costs deferment; recordation of lien

Effective on the first day of the calendar year beginning after the date of the proclamation provided for in section 564q of this title, the deferment of the assessment and collection of construction costs provided for in the first proviso of section 386a of this title, shall terminate with respect to any lands within irrigation proj­ects on the Klamath Reservation. The Secretary shall cause the first lien against such lands created by section 387 [1] of this title, to be filed of record in the appropriate county office.

(c) Appropriation authorization

There is authorized to be appropriated out of any funds in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated the sum of $89,212 for payment to the Klamath Tribe with interest at 4 per centum annually as reimbursement for tribal funds used for irrigation construction operation and maintenance benefiting nontribal lands on the Klamath Reservation, such interest being computed from the dates of disbursement of such funds from the United States Treasury.

(d) Adjustment of reimbursable irrigation costs

The Secretary is authorized to adjust, eliminate, or cancel all or any part of reimbursable irrigation operation and maintenance costs and reimbursable irrigation construction costs chargeable against Indian owned lands that are subject to the provisions of this subchapter, and all or any part of assessments heretofore or hereafter imposed on account of such costs, when he determines that the collection thereof would be inequitable or would result in undue hardship on the Indian owner of the land, or that the administrative costs of collection would probably equal or exceed the amount collected.

(e) Applicable irrigation laws

Nothing contained in any other section of this subchapter shall affect in any way the laws applicable to irrigation projects on the Klamath Reservation.

(Aug. 13, 1954, ch. 732, § 13, 68 Stat. 721.)

[1]  See References in Text note below.
References in Text

Section 387 of this title, referred to in subsec. (b), was omitted after not being repeated in the Interior Department Appropriation Act of 1947, July 1, 1946, ch. 529, 60 Stat. 348.


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