25 U.S. Code § 953 - Lands

§ 953.
(a) Determination of value of unallotted and allotted lands; exclusion of deceased allottees’ allotments

The Secretary shall determine on the basis of the contract appraisals that were made in 1957 and 1958 (1) the value of all unallotted tribal land, and (2) the value of the allotment of each allottee who is living on September 21, 1959, excluding the value of any improvements thereon. Where lands of a living allottee have been sold under the supervision of the Secretary, their value for the purpose of equalization shall be the amount received from such sale, excluding the value assigned to any improvements thereon. Where lands of a living allottee have been fee patented to and sold by the allottee, their value for the purpose of equalization shall be the appraised value of the lands, excluding improvements, as of the time of the sale, regardless of the amount received from the sale. The allotments of allottees who are not living on September 21, 1959 shall be excluded from the equalization program. All values so determined by the Secretary shall be final and conclusive for the purposes of this subchapter.

(b) Lands not subject to allotment

In no event shall the following tribal lands be subject to allotment, and they shall henceforth be set apart and designated as tribal reserves for the benefit and use of the band:

Cemetery numbered 1, block 235, section 14, township 4 south, range 4 east.

Cemetery numbered 2, as now constituted pursuant to secretarial order, comprising approximately two acres.

Roman Catholic Church, as now constituted pursuant to secretarial order, comprising approximately two acres.

Mineral Springs, lots 3a, 4a, 13, and 14, section 14, township 4 south, range 4 east.

San Andreas Canyon, west half southeast quarter, southeast quarter southeast quarter section 3, township 5 south, range 4 east.

Palm Canyon, south half and south half north half section 14, township 5 south, range 4 east; all section 24, township 5 south, range 4 east.

Tahquitz Canyon, southwest quarter section 22, township 4 south, range 4 east; north half section 28, township 4 south, range 4 east.

Murray Canyon, east half section 10, township 5 south, range 4 east.

(c) Equalization for living members by allotment without regard to acreage limitations; creation of right by selection and approval; allotments made subject to laws and regulations

On the basis of such values, the Secretary shall determine the highest level of equalization that is feasible for the members of the band who are living at the time of this Act by allotting all of the unallotted tribal land, except the reserved areas listed in subsection (b) of this section, without regard to acreage limitations heretofore imposed by law. Such unallotted tribal land shall then be allotted to those members who have received allotments with a value that is less than the equalization figure deemed feasible in accordance with procedures prescribed by the Secretary. No selection of an allotment pursuant to such procedures shall create a vested right in the land until all selections authorized by this subchapter have been made, included in one schedule, and approved by the Secretary. Allotments thereafter made shall be subject to the same laws and regulations that apply to other trust allotments on the Agua Caliente Reservation.

(d) Portions in airport subject to allotment unless sold; procedure for sale; payment of sale proceeds in lieu of allotment

The unallotted portions of section 18, township 4 south, range 5 east, and section 12, township 4 south, range 4 east, that are in the municipal airport for the city of Palm Springs shall be subject to allotment as a part of the equalization program, subject to the following qualifications: If within thirty days after September 21, 1959, a majority of the adult members of the band who are eligible to vote agree, the Secretary may offer to sell such land to the city for its appraised value on September 21, 1959, and the Secretary shall cause an independent appraisal thereof to be made by an appraiser he shall select who shall be approved jointly by the band and the city before proceeding with such appraisal, the costs for the appraisal to be shared by the band and the city; thereafter the Secretary shall review the completed appraisal and shall, if approved, then submit copies to both the band and the city for their approval which shall be either accepted or rejected in writing within thirty days; and if within three hundred and sixty-five days after joint acceptance of such appraisal by the band and the city, the city accepts the offer and tenders payment in full, the Secretary shall complete the sale, and any allottees who may have made or who may thereafter make an equalization selection from the lands sold to the city shall receive in lieu of the allotment selected his proportionate share of the proceeds of the sale.

(Pub. L. 86–339, § 3, Sept. 21, 1959, 73 Stat. 602; Pub. L. 105–308, § 4(a), Oct. 30, 1998, 112 Stat. 2934.)
References in Text

The words “at the time of this Act”, referred to in subsec. (c), mean at Sept. 21, 1959, the date of enactment of this subchapter.


1998—Subsec. (b). Pub. L. 105–308, in undesignated par. relating to Mineral Springs, substituted “east.” for “east: Provided, That no distribution to member of the band of the net rents, profits, and other revenues derived from that portion of these lands which is designated as ‘parcel B’ in the supplement dated September 8, 1958, to the lease by and between the Agua Caliente Band of Mission Indians and Palm Springs Spa dated January 21, 1958, or of the net income derived from the investment of such net rents, profits, and other revenues or from the sale of said lands or of assets purchased with the net rents, profits, and other revenues aforesaid or with the net income from the investment thereof shall be made except to those enrolled members who are entitled to an equalization allotment or to a cash payment in satisfaction thereof under this subchapter or, in the case of such a member who died after September 21, 1959, to those entitled to participate in his estate, and any such distribution shall be per capita to living enrolled members and per stirpes to participants in the estate of a deceased member.”

Effective Date of 1998 Amendment

Amendment by Pub. L. 105–308 applicable as if it had been enacted on Mar. 31, 1983, see section 4(b) of Pub. L. 105–308, set out as an Expiration of Restriction on Distribution of Revenues From Mineral Springs Parcel note under section 951 of this title.


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