25 U.S. Code § 973 - Distribution of assets

§ 973.
Distribution of assets
(a) Tribal assets; time limitation

All property of the United States used for the benefit of the Ponca Tribe of Native Americans of Nebraska is declared to be a part of the assets of the tribe, and all of the tribe’s assets shall be distributed in accordance with the provisions of this section. The distribution shall be completed within three years from September 5, 1962, or as soon thereafter as practicable.

(b) Designation of property for church, park, playground, or cemetery

The tribe shall designate any part of the tribe’s property that is to be set aside for church, park, playground, or cemetery purposes, and the Secretary is authorized to convey such property to trustees or agencies designated by the tribe for that purpose and approved by the Secretary.

(c) Homesites; market value; improvements

Each member may select for homesite purposes and receive title to not to exceed five acres of tribal land that is being used for homesite purposes by such member. The member shall pay the current market value of the homesite selection excluding any improvements or repairs constructed by such member, his wife, children, or ancestor, as determined by the Secretary of the Interior.

(d) Sale of assets not selected; bidding

All assets of the tribe that are not selected and conveyed to members shall be sold by competitive bid at not less than the current market value, and any member shall have the right to purchase property offered for sale for a price not less than the highest acceptable bid therefor. If more than one member exercises such right, the property shall be sold to the member exercising the right who offers the highest price.

(e) Proceeds and tribal funds for payment of tribal debts; distributive share; set off; member purchases of tribal property

The net proceeds of all sales of tribal property, and all other tribal funds, shall be used to pay, as authorized by the Secretary, any debts of the tribe. The remainder of such proceeds and funds shall be divided equally among the members whose names are on the final roll, or their heirs or legatees. Any debt owed by a member, heir, or legatee to the tribe or to the United States may be set off as authorized by the Secretary against the distributive share of such person. Any member of the tribe who purchases tribal property in accordance with this section may apply on the purchase price his share of the proceeds of all sales of tribal property, and the Secretary of the Interior shall adopt sales procedures that permit such action.

(Pub. L. 87–629, § 3, Sept. 5, 1962, 76 Stat. 429.)


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