26 U.S. Code § 5182. Cross references

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For provisions requiring recordkeeping by wholesale liquor dealers, see section 5121, and by retail liquor dealers, see section 5122.

Prior Provisions

Provisions similar to those comprising this section were contained in a prior section 5275(3), act Aug. 16, 1954, ch. 736, 68A Stat. 651, prior to the general revision of this chapter by Pub. L. 85–859.


2018—Pub. L. 115–141 substituted “section 5121” for “section 5112”.

2005—Pub. L. 109–59 amended text of section generally. Prior to amendment, text read as follows: “For provisions requiring payment of special (occupational) tax as wholesale liquor dealer, see section 5111, or as retail liquor dealer, see section 5121.”

1979—Pub. L. 96–39 struck out “as rectifier, see section 5081, or” after “(occupational) tax”.

Effective Date of 2005 Amendment

Amendment by Pub. L. 109–59 effective July 1, 2008, but inapplicable to taxes imposed for periods before such date, see section 11125(c) of Pub. L. 109–59, set out as a note under section 5002 of this title.

Effective Date of 1979 Amendment

Amendment by Pub. L. 96–39 effective Jan. 1, 1980, see section 810 of Pub. L. 96–39, set out as a note under section 5001 of this title.