29 U.S. Code § 3293 - Educational assistance and training

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(a) Use of fund

The Secretary of Labor shall provide for grants to States to provide educational assistance and training for United States workers. The Secretary shall consult with the Secretary of Education in making grants under this section.

(b) Allocation of fundsWithin the purposes described in subsection (a), funds in the account used under this section shall be allocated among the States based on a formula, established jointly by the Secretaries of Labor and Education, that takes into consideration—
the location of foreign workers admitted into the United States,
the location of individuals in the United States requiring and desiring the educational assistance and training for which the funds can be applied, and
the location of unemployed and underemployed United States workers.
(c) Disbursement to States
Within the purposes and allocations established under this section, disbursements shall be made to the States, in accordance with grant applications submitted to and approved jointly by the Secretaries of Labor and Education, to be applied in a manner consistent with the guidelines established by such Secretaries in consultation with the States. In applying such grants, the States shall consider providing funding to joint labor-management trust funds and other such non-profit organizations which have demonstrated capability and experience in directly training and educating workers.
Not more than 5 percent of the funds disbursed to any State under this section may be used for administrative expenses.
(d) Limitation on Federal overhead

The Secretaries shall provide that not more than 2 percent of the amount of funds disbursed to States under this section may be used by the Federal Government in the administration of this section.

(e) Annual report

The Secretary of Labor shall report annually to the Congress on the grants to States provided under this section.

(f) “State” defined

In this section, the term “State” has the meaning given such term in section 1101(a)(36) of title 8.

Editorial Notes

Section was enacted as part of the Immigration Act of 1990, and not as part of the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act which comprises this subchapter.

Section was formerly classified to section 2920 of this title and to section 1506 of this title.

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