29 U.S. Code § 9. Authorization of special studies, compilations, and transcripts on request; cost

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The Department of Labor is authorized, within the discretion of the Secretary of Labor, upon the written request of any person, to make special statistical studies relating to employment, hours of work, wages, and other conditions of employment; to prepare from its records special statistical compilations; and to furnish transcripts of its studies, tables, and other records, upon the payment of the actual cost of such work by the person requesting it.

(Apr. 13, 1934, ch. 118, § 1, 48 Stat. 582; Apr. 11, 1935, ch. 59, 49 Stat. 154; June 15, 1937, ch. 349, 50 Stat. 259; Apr. 15, 1939, ch. 71, 53 Stat. 581.)

This section and sections 9a and 9b of this title comprised sections 1 to 3 of act Apr. 13, 1934. Section 4 of that act provided as follows:

“This Act shall cease to be effective one year after the date of its enactment.”
The act was temporarily extended by acts Apr. 11, 1935, and June 15, 1937, and was made permanent by act Apr. 15, 1939.