SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 401. Congressional declaration of findings, purposes, and policy. 402. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER II—BILL OF RIGHTS OF MEMBERS OF LABOR ORGANIZATIONS 411. Bill of rights; constitution and bylaws of labor organizations. 412. Civil action for infringement of rights; jurisdiction. 413. Retention of existing rights of members. 414. Right to copies of collective bargaining agreements. 415. Information to members of provisions of chapter. SUBCHAPTER III—REPORTING BY LABOR ORGANIZATIONS, OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES OF LABOR ORGANIZATIONS, AND EMPLOYERS 431. Report of labor organizations. 432. Report of officers and employees of labor organizations. 433. Report of employers. 434. Exemption of attorney-client communications. 435. Reports and documents as public information. 436. Retention of records. 437. Time for making reports. 438. Rules and regulations; simplified reports. 439. Violations and penalties. 440. Civil action for enforcement by Secretary; jurisdiction. 441. Surety company reports; contents; waiver or modification of requirements respecting contents of reports. SUBCHAPTER IV—TRUSTEESHIPS 461. Reports. 462. Purposes for establishment of trusteeship. 463. Unlawful acts relating to labor organization under trusteeship. 464. Civil action for enforcement. 465. Report to Congress. 466. Additional rights and remedies; exclusive jurisdiction of district court; res judicata. SUBCHAPTER V—ELECTIONS 481. Terms of office and election procedures. 482. Enforcement. 483. Application of other laws; existing rights and remedies; exclusiveness of remedy for challenging election. SUBCHAPTER VI—SAFEGUARDS FOR LABOR ORGANIZATIONS 501. Fiduciary responsibility of officers of labor organizations. 502. Bonding of officers and employees of labor organizations; amount, form, and placement of bonds; penalty for violation. 503. Financial transactions between labor organization and officers and employees. 504. Prohibition against certain persons holding office. SUBCHAPTER VII—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS 521. Investigations by Secretary; applicability of other laws. 522. Extortionate picketing; penalty for violation. 523. Retention of rights under other Federal and State laws. 524. Effect on State laws. 524a. Elimination of racketeering activities threat; State legislation governing collective bargaining representative. 525. Service of process. 526. Applicability of administrative procedure provisions. 527. Cooperation with other agencies and departments. 528. Criminal contempt. 529. Prohibition on certain discipline by labor organization. 530. Deprivation of rights by violence; penalty. 531. Separability.


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