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30 U.S. Code § 27 - Mining tunnels; right to possession of veins on line with; abandonment of right

Where a tunnel is run for the development of a vein or lode, or for the discovery of mines, the owners of such tunnel shall have the right of possession of all veins or lodes within three thousand feet from the face of such tunnel on the line thereof, not previously known to exist, discovered in such tunnel, to the same extent as if discovered from the surface; and locations on the line of such tunnel of veins or lodes not appearing on the surface, made by other parties after the commencement of the tunnel, and while the same is being prosecuted with reasonable diligence, shall be invalid; but failure to prosecute the work on the tunnel for six months shall be considered as an abandonment of the right to all undiscovered veins on the line of such tunnel.

(R.S. § 2323.)
Editorial Notes

R.S. § 2323 derived from act May 10, 1872, ch. 152, § 4, 17 Stat. 92.

Short Title

This section is popularly known as the Tunnel Site Act.