30 U.S. Code § 50 - Grants to States or corporations not to include mineral lands

No act passed at the first session of the Thirty-eighth Congress, granting lands to States or corporations to aid in the construction of roads or for other purposes, or to extend the time of grants made prior to the 30th day of January 1865 shall be so construed as to embrace mineral lands, which in all cases are reserved exclusively to the United States, unless otherwise specially provided in the act or acts making the grant.

(R.S. § 2346.)
Editorial Notes
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The first session of the Thirty-eighth Congress, referred to in text, was begun Dec. 7, 1863, and ended July 4, 1864, 13 Stat. 1 to 417, contain legislation passed at such session.


R.S. § 2346 derived from Res. Jan. 30, 1865, No. 10, 13 Stat. 567.

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