31 U.S. Code § 3305. Audits of depositaries

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The Secretary of the Treasury, or an officer, employee, or agent designated by the Secretary, may audit a depositary of public money. For uniformity and accuracy in accounts and safety of public money, an individual conducting an audit shall audit a depositary’s—
returns; and
public money on hand and the way the money is kept.
(Pub. L. 97–258, Sept. 13, 1982, 96 Stat. 949.)

Historical and Revision Notes

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R.S. § 3649.

In the section, before clause (1), the words “or an officer, employee, or agent designated by the Secretary” are substituted for “and for that purpose to appoint special agents, as occasion may require” for clarity and consistency. The words “may audit a depositary of public money” are substituted for “is authorized to cause examinations to be made of the books, accounts and money on hand, of the several depositaries” to eliminate unnecessary words and for consistency. The words “with such compensation, not exceeding $6 per day and traveling expenses, as he may think reasonable, to be fixed and declared at the time of each appointment” are omitted as superseded by 5:3109 and ch. 57. The words “be instructed to” and “as well” are omitted as surplus.