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31 U.S. Code § 6504 - Use of existing State or multimember agency to administer grant programs

Notwithstanding a law of the United States providing that one State agency or multimember agency must be established or designated to carry out or supervise the administration of a grant program, the head of the executive agency carrying out the program may, when requested by the executive or legislative authority of the State responsible for the organizational structure of a State government—
waive the one State agency or multimember agency provision on an adequate showing that the provision prevents the establishment of the most effective and efficient organizational arrangement within the State government; and
approve another State administrative structure or arrangement after deciding that the objectives of the law authorizing the grant program will not be endangered by using another State structure or arrangement.
(Pub. L. 97–258, Sept. 13, 1982, 96 Stat. 1007.)

Historical and Revision Notes

Revised Section

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Oct. 16, 1968, Pub. L. 90–577, § 204, 82 Stat. 1101.

In the section, the word “agency” is substituted for “board or commission” for consistency in the revised title. Before clause (1), the words “executive agency” are substituted for “Federal department or agency” because of the definition in sections 102 and 6501(3) of the revised title. The words “appropriate” and “determining or revising” are omitted as surplus. The words “Governor or other” are omitted as covered by “executive . . . authority”. In clause (2), the words “after deciding” are substituted for “Provided, That the head of the Federal department or agency determines” to eliminate unnecessary words.