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33 U.S. Code § 31 - Iowa River, Iowa, above Toolsboro

So much of the Iowa River within the State of Iowa, as lies north of the town of Wapello, and so much of the said river within the State of Iowa, as lies between the town of Toolsboro and the town of Wapello, in the county of Louisa, shall not be deemed a navigable river or public highway, but dams and bridges may be constructed across it.

(R.S. § 5248; Aug. 18, 1894, ch. 299, § 1, 28 Stat. 356.)
Editorial Notes

R.S. § 5248 derived from Res. July 13, 1868, No. 55, 15 Stat. 257; act May 6, 1870, ch. 92, 16 Stat. 121.

The portion of this section relating to the Iowa river north of the town of Wapello is from R.S. § 5248.

The remainder the section, relating to so much of the river as lies between Toolsboro and Wapello, is from act Aug. 18, 1894.