33 U.S. Code § 3824 - Process for considering additional controls

(a) Actions by AdministratorThe Administrator may—
participate in the technical group described in Article 7 of the Convention, and in any other body convened pursuant to the Convention for the consideration of new or additional controls on antifouling systems;
evaluate any risks of adverse effects on nontarget organisms or human health presented by a given antifouling system such that the amendment of annex 1 of the Convention may be warranted;
undertake an assessment of relevant environmental, technical, and economic considerations necessary to evaluate any proposals for new or additional controls of antifouling systems under the Convention, including benefits in the United States and elsewhere associated with the production and use in the United States and elsewhere, of the subject antifouling system; and
develop recommendations based on that assessment.
(b) Referrals to technical group
(1) Convening of Shipping Coordinating Committee

On referral of any antifouling system to the technical group described in article 7 of the Convention for consideration of new or additional controls, the Secretary of State shall convene a public meeting of the Shipping Coordinating Committee for the purpose of receiving information and comments regarding controls on such antifouling system. The Secretary of State shall publish advance notice of such meeting in the Federal Register and on the State Department’s Web site. The Administrator shall assemble and maintain a public docket containing notices pertaining to that meeting, any comments responding to those notices, the minutes of that meeting, and materials presented at that meeting.

(2) Report by technical group

The Administrator shall promptly make any report by the technical group described in the Convention available to the public through the docket established pursuant to subsection (b) and announce the availability of that report in the Federal Register. The Administrator shall provide an opportunity for public comment on the report for a period of not less than 30 days from the time the availability of the report is announced in the Federal Register.

(3) Consideration of comments

To the extent practicable, the Administrator shall take any comments into consideration in developing recommendations under subsection (a).