33 U.S. Code § 702a–2. Abandonment of Boeuf Floodway

The Boeuf Floodway, authorized by the provisions adopted in section 702a of this title, shall be abandoned as soon as the Eudora Floodway, provided for in Flood Control Committee Document Numbered 1, Seventy-fourth Congress, first session, is in operative condition and the back protection levee recommended in said document, extending north from the head of the Eudora Floodway, shall have been constructed.

(June 15, 1936, ch. 548, § 2, 49 Stat. 1509.)
Abandonment and Repeal of Projects

For abandonment of Boeuf Floodway and Eudora Floodway as well as Northward Extension and back protection levee extending from head of Eudora Floodway north to Arkansas River and repeal of provisions relating to prosecution of work, see section 702a–12 of this title.