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34 U.S. Code § 20984 - Grants for fingerprinting programs for children

(a) In general

The Attorney General shall establish and implement a program under which the Attorney General may make grants to States, units of local government, and Indian tribal governments in accordance with this section.

(b) Use of grant amountsA grant made to a State, unit of local government, or Indian tribal government under subsection (a) shall be distributed to law enforcement agencies within the jurisdiction of such State, unit, or tribal government to be used for any of the following activities:
To establish a voluntary fingerprinting program for children, which may include the taking of palm prints of children.
To hire additional law enforcement personnel, or train existing law enforcement personnel, to take fingerprints of children.
To provide information within the community involved about the existence of such a fingerprinting program.
To provide for computer hardware, computer software, or other materials necessary to carry out such a fingerprinting program.
(c) LimitationFingerprints of a child derived from a program funded under this section—
may be released only to a parent or guardian of the child; and
may not be copied or retained by any Federal, State, local, or tribal law enforcement officer unless written permission is given by the parent or guardian.
(d) Criminal penalty

Any person who uses the fingerprints of a child derived from a program funded under this section for any purpose other than the purpose described in subsection (c)(1) shall be subject to imprisonment for not more than 1 year, a fine under title 18, or both.

(e) Authorization of appropriations

There is authorized to be appropriated $20,000,000 to carry out this section for the 5-year period beginning on the first day of fiscal year 2007.

Editorial Notes

Section was formerly classified to section 16984 of Title 42, The Public Health and Welfare, prior to editorial reclassification and renumbering as this section.