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34 U.S. Code § 30102 - Development and support of cybersecurity forensic capabilities

(a) In generalThe Attorney General shall establish such regional computer forensic laboratories as the Attorney General considers appropriate, and provide support to existing computer forensic laboratories, in order that all such computer forensic laboratories have the capability—
to provide forensic examinations with respect to seized or intercepted computer evidence relating to criminal activity (including cyberterrorism);
to provide training and education for Federal, State, and local law enforcement personnel and prosecutors regarding investigations, forensic analyses, and prosecutions of computer-related crime (including cyberterrorism);
to assist Federal, State, and local law enforcement in enforcing Federal, State, and local criminal laws relating to computer-related crime;
to facilitate and promote the sharing of Federal law enforcement expertise and information about the investigation, analysis, and prosecution of computer-related crime with State and local law enforcement personnel and prosecutors, including the use of multijurisdictional task forces; and
to carry out such other activities as the Attorney General considers appropriate.
(b) Authorization of appropriations
(1) Authorization

There is hereby authorized to be appropriated in each fiscal year $50,000,000 for purposes of carrying out this section.

(2) Availability

Amounts appropriated pursuant to the authorization of appropriations in paragraph (1) shall remain available until expended.

Editorial Notes

Section was formerly classified as a note under section 509 of Title 28, Judiciary and Judicial Procedure, prior to editorial reclassification and renumbering as this section.