36 U.S. Code § 220513 - Annual amateur athlete survey

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(a) In General.—Not less frequently than annually, the corporation shall cause an independent third-party organization, under contract, to conduct an anonymous survey of amateur athletes who are actively engaged in amateur athletic competition with respect to—
their satisfaction with the corporation and the applicable national governing body; and
the behaviors, attitudes, and feelings within the corporation and the applicable national governing body relating to sexual harassment and abuse.
(b) Consultation.—
A contract under subsection (a) shall require the independent third-party organization to develop the survey in consultation with the Center.
(c) Prohibition on Interference.—
If the corporation or a national governing body makes any effort to undermine the independence of, introduce bias into, or otherwise influence a survey under subsection (a), such activity shall be reported immediately to Congress.
(d) Public Availability.—
The corporation shall make the results of each such survey available to the public on an internet website of the corporation.

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