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36 U.S. Code § 40727 - Army support

(a) Logistical Support.—
The Secretary of the Army shall provide logistical support to the Civilian Marksmanship Program for competitions and other activities. The corporation shall reimburse the Secretary for incremental direct costs incurred in providing logistical support. The reimbursements shall be credited to the appropriations account of the Department of the Army that is charged to provide the logistical support.
(b) National Matches.—
The National Matches may be held at Department of Defense facilities where the National Matches were held before February 10, 1996.
The Secretary shall provide, without cost to the corporation, members of the National Guard and Army Reserve to support the National Matches as part of the annual training under title 10 and title 32.
(c) Regulations.—
The Secretary shall prescribe regulations to carry out this section.

Historical and Revision Notes



Source (U.S. Code)

Source (Statutes at Large)



Feb. 10, 1996, Pub. L. 104–106, title XVI, § 1617, 110 Stat. 519.







In subsection (a), the words “other activities” are substituted for “other activities conducted by the Corporation” to eliminate unnecessary words.

In subsection (b)(1), the words “continue to” are omitted as unnecessary.

In subsection (b)(2), the words “for the use of” and “performance of” are omitted as unnecessary.