38 U.S. Code § 8503. Notice of provisions of this subchapter

All persons having or bringing personal property on the premises of a Department facility shall be given reasonable notice of the provisions of this subchapter. In case of a mentally incompetent person, notice hereof shall be given the guardian or other person having custody or control of such person or, if none, to such person’s nearest relative if known. The admission to or continued maintenance in such facility after reasonable notice of the provisions of this subchapter shall constitute consent to the provisions hereof. The death of any person on any such facility or the leaving of property thereon shall be prima facie evidence of a valid agreement for the disposition of such property in accordance with the provisions of this subchapter.


1991—Pub. L. 102–40 renumbered section 5203 of this title as this section.

Pub. L. 102–83 substituted “Department” for “Veterans’ Administration”.

1986—Pub. L. 99–576 substituted “such person’s” for “his” in second sentence.