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40 U.S. Code § 602 - Authority to establish motor vehicle pools and transportation systems

(a) In General.—Subject to section 603 of this title, and regulations issued under section 603, the Administrator of General Services shall—
take over from executive agencies and consolidate, or otherwise acquire, motor vehicles and related equipment and supplies;
provide for the establishment, maintenance, and operation (including servicing and storage) of motor vehicle pools or systems; and
furnish motor vehicles and related services to executive agencies for the transportation of property and passengers.
(b) Methods of Providing Vehicles and Services.—As determined by the Administrator, motor vehicles and related services may be furnished by providing an agency with—
Federal Government-owned motor vehicles;
the use of motor vehicles, under rental or other arrangements, through private fleet operators, taxicab companies, or local or interstate common carriers; or
(c) Recipients of Vehicles and Services.—
The Administrator shall, so far as practicable, furnish motor vehicles and related services under this section to any federal agency, mixed-ownership Government corporation (as defined in chapter 91 of title 31), or the District of Columbia, on its request.

Historical and Revision Notes



Source (U.S. Code)

Source (Statutes at Large)


40:491(b) (related to establishment).

June 30, 1949, ch. 288, title II, § 211(b) (related to establishment), as added Sept. 5, 1950, ch. 849, § 5(c), 64 Stat. 583; Sept. 1, 1954, ch. 1211, § 2, 68 Stat. 1126.

Subsection (a)(1) is substituted for “in respect of executive agencies, . . . consolidate, take over, acquire, or arrange for the operation by any executive agency of, motor vehicles and other related equipment and supplies for the purpose of establishing motor vehicle pools and systems to serve the needs of executive agencies” for clarity and to eliminate unnecessary words.

In subsection (c), the words “mixed-ownership Government corporation” are substituted for “mixed ownership corporation” for consistency with chapter 91 of title 31. The words “chapter 91 of title 31” are substituted for “the Government Corporation Control Act” in section 211(b) of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 because of section 4(b) of the Act of September 13, 1982 (Public Law 97–258, 96 Stat. 1067), the first section of which enacted Title 31, United States Code.