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40 U.S. Code § 8909 - Administrative

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(a) Maintenance of Documentation of Design and Construction.—
Complete documentation of design and construction of each commemorative work located in the District of Columbia and its environs shall be provided to the Secretary of the Interior or Administrator of General Services, as appropriate, and shall be permanently maintained in the manner provided by law.
(b) Responsibility for Maintenance of Completed Work.—
On completion of any commemorative work in the District of Columbia and its environs, the Secretary or Administrator, as appropriate, shall assume responsibility for maintaining the work.
(c) Regulations or Standards.—
The Secretary and Administrator shall prescribe appropriate regulations or standards to carry out this chapter.

Historical and Revision Notes



Source (U.S. Code)

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Pub. L. 99–652, § 10(a), (c), Nov. 14, 1986, 100 Stat. 3654.





Pub. L. 99–652, § 10(d), Nov. 14, 1986, 100 Stat. 3654; Pub. L. 103–321, § 2(g), Aug. 26, 1994, 108 Stat. 1795.

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Waiver of Special Use Permit Application Fee for Veterans’ Special Events

Pub. L. 117–328, div. DD, title VI, § 642, Dec. 29, 2022, 136 Stat. 5612, provided that:

“(a) Definitions.—In this section:
“(1) Member of a gold star family.—
The term ‘member of a Gold Star Family’ means any individual that meets the eligibility requirements of section 3.2 of Department of Defense Instruction 1348.36 (or a successor instruction).
“(2) Special events.—
The term ‘special events’ has the meaning given the term in section 7.96(g)(1) of title 36, Code of Federal Regulations (or a successor regulation).
“(3) The district of columbia and its environs.—
The term ‘the District of Columbia and its environs’ has the meaning given the term in section 8902(a) of title 40, United States Code.
“(4) Veteran.—
The term ‘veteran’ has the meaning given the term in section 101 of title 38, United States Code.
“(5) Veterans’ special event.—
The term ‘veterans’ special event’ means a special event at which the majority of attendees are veterans or members of Gold Star Families.
“(6) War memorial.—
The term ‘war memorial’ means any memorial or monument that has been erected or dedicated to commemorate a military unit, military group, war, conflict, victory, or peace.
“(b) Waiver.—
The application fee for any application for a special use permit, the sole purpose of which is to hold a veterans’ special event at a war memorial on land administered by the National Park Service in the District of Columbia and its environs, shall be waived.
“(c) Applicability of Existing Laws.—
Notwithstanding subsection (b), an applicant for a special use permit described in that subsection shall be subject to any other law (including regulations) or policy applicable to the application, issuance, or execution of the special use permit.
“(d) Applicability.—
This section shall apply to any special use permit application submitted after the date of enactment of this Act [Dec. 29, 2022].”