41 U.S. Code § 2107. Savings provisions

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This chapter does not—
restrict the disclosure of information to, or its receipt by, a person or class of persons authorized, in accordance with applicable agency regulations or procedures, to receive that information;
restrict a contractor from disclosing its own bid or proposal information or the recipient from receiving that information;
restrict the disclosure or receipt of information relating to a Federal agency procurement after it has been canceled by the Federal agency before contract award unless the Federal agency plans to resume the procurement;
prohibit individual meetings between a Federal agency official and an offeror or potential offeror for, or a recipient of, a contract or subcontract under a Federal agency procurement, provided that unauthorized disclosure or receipt of contractor bid or proposal information or source selection information does not occur;
authorize the withholding of information from, nor restrict its receipt by, Congress, a committee or subcommittee of Congress, the Comptroller General, a Federal agency, or an inspector general of a Federal agency;
authorize the withholding of information from, nor restrict its receipt by, the Comptroller General in the course of a protest against the award or proposed award of a Federal agency procurement contract; or
limit the applicability of a requirement, sanction, contract penalty, or remedy established under another law or regulation.

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