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42 U.S. Code § 12702 - Objective of national housing policy

The objective of national housing policy shall be to reaffirm the long-established national commitment to decent, safe, and sanitary housing for every American by strengthening a nationwide partnership of public and private institutions able—
to ensure that every resident of the United States has access to decent shelter or assistance in avoiding homelessness;
to increase the Nation’s supply of decent housing that is affordable to low-income and moderate-income families and accessible to job opportunities;
to improve housing opportunities for all residents of the United States, particularly members of disadvantaged minorities, on a nondiscriminatory basis;
to help make neighborhoods safe and livable;
to expand opportunities for homeownership;
to provide every American community with a reliable, readily available supply of mortgage finance at the lowest possible interest rates; and
to encourage tenant empowerment and reduce generational poverty in federally assisted and public housing by improving the means by which self-sufficiency may be achieved.