42 U.S. Code § 13233. Data acquisition program

(a) Not later than one year after October 24, 1992, the Secretary, through the Energy Information Administration, and in cooperation with appropriate State, regional, and local authorities, shall establish a data collection program to be conducted in at least 5 geographically and climatically diverse regions of the United States for the purpose of collecting data which would be useful to persons seeking to manufacture, convert, sell, own, or operate alternative fueled vehicles or alternative fueling facilities. Such data shall include—
identification of the number and types of motor vehicle trips made daily and miles driven per trip, including commuting, business, and recreational trips;
the projections of the Secretary as to the most likely combination of alternative fueled vehicle use and other forms of transit, including rail and other forms of mass transit;
cost, performance, environmental, energy, and safety data on alternative fuels and alternative fueled vehicles; and
other appropriate demographic information and consumer preferences.
The Secretary shall consult with interested parties, including other appropriate Federal agencies, manufacturers, public utilities, owners and operators of fleets of light duty motor vehicles, and State or local governmental entities, to determine the types of data to be collected and analyzed under subsection (a).